Syrian Envoy at UN

Syrian Envoy to the United Nations, Bashar Ja’afari assured that his country was completely capable of investigating transparently in the death of anti-government protesters without foreign assistance.

In response to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s demand for an international investigation on the violence in Syria, Ja’afari told reporters outside the UN Security Council that “Syria has a government and has a state; we can undertake any investigation by ourselves and with complete transparency”.

Ban has released a statement on Tuesday calling Syria to “respect international human rights and refer to dialogue in solving the internal trouble”.

Furthermore, the UN Secretary-General demanded an international inquiry on what he claimed to be “violence against peaceful protestors”.

Coming out from the Security Council meeting that failed to release a statement of condemnation against the Syrian government, Syrian ambassador assured that “we don’t have anything to hide”.
“We regret what’s currently going on, but you should also recognize the fact that these riots –in some aspects- have hidden projects, he added, pointing out that “foreign governments are trying to destabilize Syria”.
Syria may need to probe the events that have taken place recently across the country, as media reports often claim security forces shoot to kill peaceful protesters, while the Syrian official story says that protesters and security forces are getting shot and killed by unknown gunmen.

On Tuesday alone, Syria buried 15 of its soldiers and security officers, amid intersecting reports about arms flow into Syria from Lebanon and Iraq to “Salafi” groups.

Ja’afari clarified that Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has instructed the government to establish an inquiry over the latest events, indicating that “the Security Council shouldn’t react to media reports… It should rely on official reports”.

France, Britain and Germany have sought to pass a “statement” against the Syrian President, but the Security Council failed to reach consensus on that in its Wednesday meeting. 

As a result, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, and London summoned Syrian Ambassadors in their countries over the recent events in this Arab country.

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