Terrorist Yasser al-Nabelsi confessed to killing and mutilating security forces in Nawa

Terrorist Yasser al-Nabelsi confessed to killing and mutilating security forces in Nawa

A member of an armed terrorist group arrested in Daraa confessed to killing and mutilating Security Forces members at Nawa military unit in the city. Yasser Abdo al-Nabelsi, who was born in 1983 and reached only the sixth grade, said in his confessions broadcast on the Syrian TV that he was sentenced for two years and a half in prison in a money counterfeiting case and after a short period he was arrested for about fifty days and later he was imprisoned for three years in the Civil Prison of Daraa over forged silver coins case. “Three days after getting out of jail, my cousin called Ra’fat Mahmoud al-Nabilsi to congratulate my release. While we were talking, we heard a voice coming from an old stone-built mosque. We went there and found that a sheikh called Khamis was preaching accompanied by Mohammad Shikri Sharaf, nicknamed as Sbeer. Sbeer asked my cousin about me and he wanted to talk to me,” al-Nabelsi added. After 15 minutes, I stood with Sbeer and my cousin in the tent, near the mosque. My cousin told Sbeer that ‘this guy (referring to me) is good and we want to help him.’ Then Sbeer gave me SYP 50,000 and asked us to meet him in the evening. Before we saw him, there was a meeting in the mosque and the tent. mong the attendees, I figured out Sabeer, Ahmad al-Khurasan, nicknamed “al-Tair”, Khaled al-Khurasan, Hassan al-Shazeli, Mohammad Swaa al-Mzeibb, walid Issa al-Balbisi, Ayman Yasin al-Khatib and Omran Mahmoud al-Taleb among many others we didn’t know,” continued al-Nabelsi. He added that Sheikh Khamis and Sabir asked them to watch the intelligence unit in Nawa city. “At 12:15 am, we walked toward the Branch. We waited for an hour and a half and saw nothing. We noticed a light that lasted for 15 minutes and was turned off. Sbeer had a telescope and a rifle. Khaled al-Khurasan had a rifle too. We went back at 2:00 am to sheikh Khamis at the western mosque and told him that there was slow movement. He told us that the next day we would give a message for the members at the intelligence unit to leave the branch or we would attack them,” added al-Nabelsi. He continued saying “We waited till Saturday and set off toward sheikh Meskin area. We met there with a group coming from the areas of Da’el and Ibta’ driving 40 cars, in addition to the group from Nawa. Sheikh Khamis, Sabir, al-Tair, Khaled al-Khurasan stood by Da’el and Ibta’ groups. We were about 40 members in front of the police station and we knocked the door. When the security members opened, we asked them to leave, otherwise we will set the police station on fire. The security members walked out with no resistance as they were outnumbered. Sbeer poured the gasoline around the station and burned it. We left Sheikh Meskin area fully armed and headed toward Izraa Bridge where we found tanks and machine guns. Before reaching the bridge, Sbeer and Khaled al-Khurasan opened fire at the bridge from the car. A security member fired back at us and killed two members from Da’el group and two from Ibta’. The group from Nawa stepped back leaving the dead members on the ground.” Al-Nabelsi continued, “On the way back, we passed by the intelligence unit in Nawa. Sbeer shot 10 times at the center with no response. So, we moved on towards the mosque square in Nawa where Sbeer gathered people and provided them with weapons in case of a sudden attack. On Sunday, at 05:00 pm, we gathered before the intelligence unit. I took my cousin’s gun and fired at a soldier. One of the security members fired at the protesters killing four of them. We stormed into the main gate of the center. Sbeer and al-Tair opened fire at the guards while Khaled shot 30 times at a security member on the building roof and killed him.” Al-Nabelsi went on with his confessions saying, “While the crowd was destroying the walls with hummers and pouring the gasoline to burn the building with the security members inside, Mohammad Shukri Sharaf called “Sbeer” hit a security member in his shoulder, who fled through the gate. My cousin slapped him with a sharp instrument. The security member fell down, then al-Tair and Khaled al-Khurasan slaughtered him. The first stab hit him in the neck on the right side. I heard shooting from an automatic 12 gauge shotgun. An unarmed security member who was in the car was shot 8 times and was hit in the face. When wee entered the center, we saw four security members, two of them suffocated, were walking slowly to flee out. At that moment, Sbeer, Khaled al-Khurasan, Ra’fat, Maher al-Sherqawi and Hussein al-Qabalawi opened fire. Maher was shot in his stomach and al-Qabalawi in his leg. I carried them to the main gate and re-entered to take out the two security members. Then, Ra’fat shot one of the suffocated members in the head, who was already dead. I stabbed a security member who was in the car in his back, while Ra’fat treaded on the member who was dead and Sbeer slaughtered him.” Al-Nabelsi went on to say that he took four wounded men, two of them civilians and two from the security forces, to the National Hospital, who were rescued by Dr. Isa al-Musallem. Sheikh Khamis didn’t want anyone to make any noise so that nobody from the security knows that the two security members were alive and they were captives. Al-Nabelsi added “Sheikh Khamis asked everyone to go home. Before al-Nabelsi left, Sbeer arrived on a bike with a rifle slung over his neck and told sheikh Khamis that he sent 7 rifles, one machineguns and 4 pistols with al-Tair, and that the weapons were taken from the intelligence unit and were to be hidden.” He said that Sheikh Khamis told Sbeer not to take any action except when he gives orders, and instructed him to bring the weapons to him because if they negotiated they could hand over the weapons with the wounded men. “When my cousin Ra’fat introduced me to Sbeer at the stone mosque, he gave me SYP 50,000 and promised me to give me another 50,000… he asked me to bring people in exchange for giving me 5,000 for each person I bring to march with us… I brought him ten people and he didn’t give me anything for them,” al-Nabelsi concluded.

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