Reuters officially apologizes to Syria

Reuters officially apologizes to Syria for providing false images, fabricating news on Syria events

بعد تزويرها الحقائق .. وكالة “رويترز” تقدم اعتذاراً رسيماً الى سورية

Reuters news agency has officially appologized to Syria after providing forged photos taken from its archive and claiming they are about Syria events.

 On Sunday night, the news bulletin presenter on the French Channel Two started with the news on the forged photos, explaining that “Reuters news agency apologized for providing the French Channel with false photos from its archive on Lebanon, that were broadcast on the French Channel Two as photos from Syria.”

Reuters broadcast photos of events which took place in Lebanon and alleged that they are images about the events in Syria. However, facts were revealed fast leading Reuters to present an appology to Syria because of this scandal.  

This is not the first time Reuters broadcasts false images since the beginning of unrest in Syria, as it has fabricated many news and a few video footages that turned out to be footages of events that took place in other countries, like it did in Iran in the post Iran’s 2009 elections era.
The size of media fabrication, misleading and instigation related to what is happening in Syria unveiled the plot of the media-led conspiracy and the dirty game which aims at undermining Syria’s security and stability as well as its pan-Arab stances.

Latest events in Syria and the region divulged the huge media misleading which was not only restricted to TV channels , newspapers, magazines and news agencies, but also websites of political and strategic studies centers affiliated to some persons and groups of bloggers, and communication networks on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.

قدمت وكالة “رويترز” للانباء اعتذاراً رسمياً الى سوريا بعد قيامها بتزويرها صور نقلت من الارشيف ونسبتها الى احداث سوريا الداخلية ,وكان مقدم احدى البرامج في تلفزيون فرنسا قد نقل الاحد الماضي عن رويترز صورا ادعت انها تناولت الاحداث الداخلية في سوريا ما اضطر رويترز الى تقديم الاعتذار الى سوريا .
وقامت رويترز بعرض صور تختص بالشأن اللبناني على انها صور احداث سوريا لكن الحقائق ظهرت سريعا ما اضطر “رويترز” الى تقديم اعتذار الى سوريا بسبب هذه الفضيحة التي لا تعد الاولى بالنسبة الى “رويترز” بعدما قامت من قبل بنشر صور مصطنعة عن دول اخرى مثلما فعلت في ايران في الفترة التي اعقبت الانتخابات الايرانية عام 2009 , وكان آخر ما قامت به العمل بجد لتضخيم احداث سوريا عبر نشر اخبار وصور كاذبة من الارشيف تعود في الاساس الى دول اخرى غير سوريا بعدما ادعت انها تعود الى تظاهرات مدينة درعا السورية

مع تحيات كتيبة سيريان ليكس
شعارنا : الشعب الوطن القائد
best Regards
SyrianLeaks Battalion


About The Syrian Revolution 2011 - Lies and the Truth

The Syrian Revolution 2011 – Lies and the Truth مع تحيات كتيبة سيريان ليكس شعارنا : الشعب الوطن القائد best Regards SyrianLeaks Battalion (Tribute to our martyrs of the civilian and military )
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