Sedition TV Channels Continue to Disseminate Lies (Eng)

Sedition TV Channels Continue to Disseminate Lies on Syria Events

Sedition channels continued spreading lies on the events in Syria, leading instigation campaigns before Friday prayers using language that falls short of the level of a channel which purports to be professional.

Al-Jazeera aired a video showing female school students purportedly in a protest in al-Hara town in Daraa. The video shows the students in uniform with their schoolbags, but it did not occur to them that Friday is a holiday in Syria.

The Channel demonstrated palpable confusion in showing footages of demonstrations, claiming a certain protest to be in Raqqa while headlining it ”Protests in Homs” or protests it says in Homs and headlining them ”Protests in Abu Kamal”, sometimes moving to their correspondent in Beirut from Borj al-Barajne, with the background ”Protests in Syria”.

Al-Jazeera broadcast another footage it claimed to be from Abu-Kamal. It was evident that sound was grafted onto the image which lacks the minimum of technicality.

The Channel employed fresh ammunition in its losing battle after spoiling so many cards, coming up with the terminology ”writer” after ”eyewitness” and ”rights activist”.

It did not occur to the one who fabricates videos for al-Jazeera to change the voice of the person chanting ”The Syrian People are One”. The same voice was used in a video of a protest it claimed to be in Daraa last week.

Al-Jazeera aired a footage showing injured women in Baniyas. The outfit of the women in the footage is different from that which women in Baniyas wear.

In a phone call with the Rights Activists Khodur Abdul Karim, al-Jazeera inquired about protests in Hasaka. His answer that there were no protests in Hasaka threw the announcer into confusion and he skipped to ask about Qamishli.

al-Jazeera, which went too far in twisting facts, aired a video it claimed was shot in al-Zahera neighborhood in Homs. The video shows the sky, minarets and some buildings, without focusing on the protestors themselves, if any. Before changing the video, ”Damascus a while ago” was written on the screen, although Damascus is 160 km away from Homs!

Al-Jazeera had been instigating since Thursday, showing a video it claimed to be in Daraa of a woman, lying on the ground with her child after being attacked by armed men while she was rushing her child to hospital on a motorcycle. The video was recorded, according to the Channel, on April 27, 2011 to be aired on al-Jazeera 15 days later, which raises the question on the number of women in Daraa who can rush an injured man to hospital on a motorcycle. The place where the video was shot remains opaque.

Hussam al-Deen al-Ahmad dismissed as baseless news broadcast by some channels that his uncle Yassin Mohammad al-Jabr, from Sheikh Miskin in Daraa, was shot dead by the army.

In an interview with the Syrian TV Channel, al-Ahmad said ”My uncle died on Wednesday of a myocardial infarction…He was an army officer…and the news broadcast by some channels, including Barada, that he was killed by the army are completely baseless.”

”He was taken to Harasta Hospital and later to Tishreen Hospital where they confirmed that he passed away of a myocardial infarction. Burial ceremonies were performed for him and he was laid to rest in Sheikh Miskin,” said Hussam.


مع تحيات كتيبة سيريان ليكس

شعارنا : الشعب الوطن القائد

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SyrianLeaks Battalion


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