“Future” was here to back armed gangs (ENG)

Champress visits Tal Kalakh surroundings: The people of the city say Lebanese “Future” was here to back armed gangs


made a trip to several villages and areas adjacent to the city of Tal Kalakh to meet people fleeing from  the danger and violence of the armed gangs who are now being confronted by the army and security forces.

These villages, which once were resorts for people to enjoy nature , are now shelters for those who fled fire shooting in the adjacent city of Tal Kalakh, which has become a city of ghosts, not because its people left it, as “democracy loving” satellite channels and news agencies allege!!, but because the armed gangs have begun to emerge like ghosts from the city’s passages and alleys and from the trenches, which were once dug to provide sewage services, to snipe army and security officers members as well as innocent civilians.

Yesterday, Brigadier-General  Mohammad al-Abdullah was martyred in Tal Kalakh by traitorous fire shots, while he was calling on some gunmen to surrender and hand themselves. He was killed together with several security forces members.
Moreover,  the day before yesterday, Brigadier-General Jamal Heidar escaped armed gangs’ killing fire in the city, but he was injured and now he is in a stable health condition.

Champress interviewed a number of people in the Tal Kalakh outskirt villages. They  stressed that they suffer from the daily fire shooting and the daily gunmen violence. They said that the opened borders with Lebanon,  which once were a source of livelihood for the people of this area, have become a nightmare the people want to get rid of and call for their closure to protect Syria.

The people of these villages, whose thirst for honest media to come and uncover the truth of the events is so great, described their suffering, cried, shouted and asked the Syrian leadership to interfere and use an iron fist against those who mess with the homeland security and endanger its stability, and who shamelessly unveiled their weapons aiming at imposing an alleged Islamic emirate and at undermining the civil identity in a sign of their refusal of a civil state.

Many of those people talked about the existence of supporters and members from the Lebanese “Future” party. They said that pro-Future party have entered the villages to back gunmen and support all who stand against the state. These people’s stories repeated names like (Khaled al-Daher and Ahmad Fatfat) who belong to the Future party  and who have become symbols of the “Sabotaging revolt” which was launched in this area.



مع تحيات كتيبة سيريان ليكس


شعارنا : الشعب الوطن القائد

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