To “al-Jazeera”, “al-Arabiya” and all fabricators (ENG)

To “al-Jazeera”, “al-Arabiya”, “al-Hurra” and all fabricators: This is how Bayassi was killed but then proved to be alive… A group of thugs tried to trap a senior General of Syrian Intelligence


To "al-Jazeera", "al-Arabiya", "al-Hurra" and all fabricators: This is how Bayassi was killed but then proved to be alive… A group of thugs tried to trap a senior General of Syrian Intelligence






Champress- Exclusive

No intelligence body has more popularity among the people of its country than the “CIA”, despite the fact that all the international criminals from its members are murderers, assassins of leaders and presidents, killers of civilians and bombers of crowded markets as confirmed by the memories of some former officers of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Should we need to remind, those who forgot, of the assassination attempt which targeted Scholar Mohammad Haussein Fadlallah in 1984 and which was implemented by the CIA according to a book by American writer Bob Woodward who provided evidence- backed and documented details confirming that the CIA is the executer of the operation. Two hundred Lebanese civilians, most of them women and children were killed in this terrorist act..However, no one has so far accused the CIA of violating human rights..!!!
The Syrian people have the full right to seek a situation where security violations almost equal (0). So, security can’t be attained without cooperation between the citizens and the official parties and we can’t get citizens’ voluntary cooperation without the establishment of  a fair relation between the two sides, based on the law, to govern behavior of security forces towards the citizens, a relation in which the law and the judiciary protect the rights of each side, thereby, security forces serve the interest of the citizens and the homeland not the opposite.
Only and just only the Syrian people have the right to question and hold to account about issues relating to their country’s institutions. However, do the killer Americans have the right to accuse or hold accountable other people while they themselves are the biggest violators of human rights in the whole world??  This is a question raised in the light of the details of the following documented story which starts with an American-French-Lebanese criminal thinking that would almost lead to a catastrophe if it succeeded..

What are the details?

What was and still is required by Israel, America and France has been to file cases against some Syrian regime’s figures at  the International Criminal Court. So, what is needed is the committing and documenting of crimes against humanity and linking these crimes to senior Syrian officials and then work hard to bring them to criminal court and then hold President Bashar al-Assad  responsible for  the actions which were attributed those officials.
This was the mission, Jeffrey Feltman told Alain Juppe, the Foreign Minister of France, that it was a priority to him. Therefore, the French minister and Jeffrey Feltman, during the latter’s recent visit to Lebanon, told their ill-famed Lebanese friend Johnny Wooker Abdo about the issue and asked for his assistance in implementing the mission. (Of course,  Abdo is among the people who used to receive bribes sent by Rafik al-Hariri to the men of Jacques Chirac).  Johnny Abdo made contacts with Bandar bin Shahwa Sultan and talked to him about the goals of the mission as Bandar is fully informed of every move at the sedition front in Syria, and therefore, Bandar selected his delegate in Lebanon, the Saudi Arabian Mohammed al- Zahouri, as his man for the implementation of the mission. Mohammed al- Zahouri is a civilian working for Bandar’s intelligence and he supervises terrorist acts in Syria.  For his part, al- Zahouri chose the Lebanese MP Iqab Saqr for the implementation of the media part. Saqr sought the help of a man called Fares Khashan, one of Johnny Abdo’s men in France and one of the fabricators of the false witnesses in the case of the killing of Rafik Hariri. Saqr asked for Khashan’s help in studying the issue and choosing publication means and deciding the best way to implement the media plan.  The best choice for them was a man called Nizar Nayyouf.  Immediately after that, a media scenario was prepared for the supposed crime. Nizar Nayyouf  was tasked first to publish the news and then broadcast it on satellite channels attributing the news to Syrian activists.  (This is what al Jazeera and Al Arabiya did at the same night and at the same hour).

Choosing Nayyouf in Paris for the job was based on the fact that he is a professional liar on who Israeli and French intelligence bodies sometimes depend to promote and market their leaks and this what makes him a professional liar. He sometimes publishes some facts and claims on satellite channels that he is influential and can get secrets about everything in the country.

The mind of this integrated team produced a heinous plan based on exploiting a broadcast video of a Syrian citizen in a famous case about abuses said to have occurred a few weeks ago in the Syrian village of al-Beida, a case that sparked a major controversy and that was exploited by anti-Syria media in an inciting manner.
Missions in the plan were distributed on three teams, the first is a security team tasked to carry out the kidnapping and killing of the famous Syrian citizen Ahmed al-Bayyasi ( who appeared on all the anti-Syria Arab satellite channels while speaking during the time the events of the village of al-Beida were taking place).  The second team is the media team, led by Iqab Saqr and with the membership of Nizar Nayyouf and Fares Khashan. This team was tasked to promote the crime in the media as an act of the Syrian intelligence and specifically the act of a Major General in the Syrian General Intelligence.

Al-Zahouri also chose a third team and tasked it to file criminal case against this senior General and against one of his officers, Colonel (H. M)  on the grounds that these two officers deserve that their name be involved in any case of abuse or crime because of being among the severest enemies of Israeli and American intelligence bodies and because of their efforts in fighting espionage.
This legal team is assumed to include some Syrian opposition lawyers who are residents in the West. It is to be assisted by international lawyers who are interested in human rights issues and who have experience in filing cases before the International Criminal Court on several issues.

 The mission of  kidnapping, torturing and assassinating inside the Syrian territories was tasked  by Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed al-Zahouri to a group of professional killers led by an intelligence agent  working also with Bandar, but he is a Jordanian citizen who carries a passport that includes the following information:

Name: Hassan Baybars

His father name: Ahmed.

Date of Birth: 1967.

Baybars has entered Syria as a tourist driving a Jordanian  jeep carrying the Motherboard (1915798) and he was accompanied by his wife and her child ( Of course, these are rented woman and child carrying intelligence-secured passports.)

Everything  in the plan was accurately drawn up . The media promotion process was supposed to start as soon as the crime is committed. The kidnappers, knew that citizen Ahmed Bayyassi is in his village, and the agents of the Saudi intelligence which belong to Bandar were observing him to send the kidnapping team to the target. The team, led by the Jordanian Hassan Baybars arrived in Syria and all met in a safe house in the village of Al Beida itself. Mohammed al-Zahouri was informed of the news of Baybars arrival and the start of the implementation process. Al-Zahouri in turn  told the media team official Saqr about how close the task will be implemented. Saqr then got ready to launch the biggest media promotion that can ever be launched in a forged case.
 An error occurred in the implementation process which has not been clear yet, and a final contact  was made between the Jordanian citizen Hassan Baybars and his team who was in the village of al-Beida,  on the one hand, and the Saudi Arabian Mohammed al-Zahouri who was in Beirut. During the contact, Hassan Baybars claimed that the mission was done. Al-Zahouri then informed Saqr that he should launch the media campaign and so the mercenary, called Nizar Nayyouf, started to disseminate a text in which he told how his source from within the Syrian General Intelligence provided him with documented information referring to the killing of a detainee called Ahmed al- Bayyassi under torture. Nayyouf, made his false imagination and hallucinations, which are intensive in the security field, work in an excellent way  to describe the torture. The description included accurate details and explanation of  the death or the “rising of the soul of” Ahmed al-Bayyassi under the shoes of the senior Syrian officer.

It took only hours to get the story of Bayyassi’s killing as a major news in “al-Jazeera”, “al-Arabiyya” and “al-Hurra” channels and in different satellite channels of the world, in addition to the newspapers and websites which adopted the story without at least an evidence or a proof. Even Reuter, as a whole, was about to demonstrate calling for revenge of the martyrdom of Ahmad al-Bayyassi. 

The happiest party was the Israelis, who have a strong relation with Nizar Nayyouf, a relation Nayyouf doesn’t hide, but is proud of.
 Media incitement reached top level on the  background of al-Bayyassi’s killing. Then, suddenly,  the whole process was proved to be groundless and baseless, because,  Al-Bayyasi appeared on Syrian TV mocking the story of his killing and even denying the story of his arrest. Moments later, the article that tells the story of the killing of Ahmed Bayyassi disappeared from the Nizar Nayyouf’s website ( the Syrian al-Talfika). Soon Nayyouf fell a victim of his lies as his blatant hypocrisy was uncovered and readers caught him red-handed. After that, will any ignorant or stupid believes him whatever he lied or falsified? And now is there a difference between the fabricator and liar Nayyouf and the false witness Mohammed Zuhair al-Siddiq.  (Only the stupid and the ignorant  are the type of people who believe what  liar Nizar Nayyouf writes) .

 Moreover, another rescue intelligence and security team which belongs to al-Zahouri had entered the Syrian territories to guarantee and protect the exit of the assassination team. This protection team comprised: Mahmoud Mohammed Yasin, also known as Abu Hudhayfah from Majdal Anjar,  Muhammad Saeed Youssef Hameeda whose  mother is called Alya and he was born in 1960,  Abdul Rahim Ma’moun Kander, Wael Hassan al-Aqidi,  Ibrahim al-Taweel, Tha’er al-Taweel, Juma Mohammad Mustafa, Sharif Abu Akkash and  Mohammed Abd El-Sheikh Hassan . They all were led by an officer of Bandar’s group who exists in Syria under a false identity as a Syrian citizen and who named himself Abu Mu’tasim al-Soussi.

 What happened and how Bayyassi was saved of inevitable killing and how the operation has been aborted on time?
Very few security generals, whose number doesn’t exceed the number of hand’s fingers, know the answer .. All what we know about the story now is that the one who was accused of killing al-Bayyassi in the media and on the satellite channels are the same one who saved and protected him from inevitable death ..

On the other hand, the second team, which is supposed to be a support group, returned to Lebanon. The destiny of the first team, which is supposed to be the executer led by the Jordanian Baybars, is still unknown to date and no one knows about it.

 Thus, the dead body of Ahmed Bayyassi has the task of leading the senior General and the Colonel mentioned above to the criminal court.  But Ahmed al-Bayyassi is now alive and free. He caused disappointment and loss to Feltman, Juppe and Bandar. He also uncovered a well known liar called Nizar Nayyouf, who used to depend on oblivion whenever he markets and promotes a lie and this lie is uncovered . However, the documentation of his scandal this time can’t be erased with the passing of  time.


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