America Orchestrates Social Network Facebook War 1

America Orchestrates Social Network Facebook War: Robert Danin Sets Example (Episode 1)


“Once the Zionist American augurs “the Syrian Revolution” well

Some issues deserve to be considered seriously before venturing them, for the subject under study seems essentially doubtful, which makes any further consideration of the subject not required.
In fact, some issues are so serious that they make any inquirer review the documents in hand over and over again in order to ascertain the information he/she has attained from different sources, for the information in hand seems rather fictitious.
For instance, how is it possible that former (US) Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs also an activist for “Peace between Lebanon and “Israel””, also active in the Syrian Revolution topic in cyber world particularly on the Social Network Facebook. Also, how is it possible that the same person, who served as Head of Mission at the Office of Quartet Representative (Tony Blair), the Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and an active agent in the US State Department Intelligence Unit be one of those who speak Arabic and think of “Israel’s” interests and… work in American firms?!

It might happen that some people meet such characteristics, yet these are only a few. But to find one person who does all these tasks and appears to be a defender of “the Syrian Revolution” on Facebook pages, also propagates rumors that aim at creating enmity between the Syrian people and Hizbullah; well it is a personality that deserves some attention, as to know its background and moves that stem from nothing but blind hatred to Arabs under the cover of “helping them with their revolutions”.

In fact, the interesting part of the story is that our “pal” doesn’t work alone, whereby Lebanese and non-Lebanese people have shared the same ideas and actual activities as well as he’s done. This unveils to what extent this Arabic-speaking; Zionist American has been able to penetrate our Arabic World.

First, we’re talking about a double-named person, or let’s say he has two similar but not matching nicknames; it makes no difference whether he’s Robert Danin or Robert Dani.

However, before unveiling this double-sided, mysterious, and suspicious personality, we must expose the story since the very beginning, as Robert Danin began to propagate the ideas that support the Zionist entity and achieve this entity’s aims within the Arabic media.

In 2008, a group called “the Lebanese and Israeli Friendship” appeared on Social Network Facebook Site, saying it sought to “achieve peace between Lebanon and “Israel” that used to be friends throughout history until 2,500 years ago at least, during the era of King Solomon and King Hiram.”

Actually, three persons were running the page; the first represented Lebanon, the second represented “Israel”, and the third represented the United States of America. After having included 14,000 members, the group was penetrated and spoiled by some internet activists.

After the attack this group had suffered, its settings were changed several times as well as its runners’ accounts, whereby the Social Network Facebook account that ran the group now belonged to a Lebanese female activist called Tia Sarkis, who was known to be a Social Network Facebook activist of the Lebanese Forces (political party)!

Upon the continuous and concentrated attack the page was suffering, the account of the Social Network Facebook running the group was changed. Besides, the “privacy settings were adjusted in a way that the account was invisible and its activity could no longer be tracked. Years after this group had appeared, internet activists monitored a catchy move of one of the group’s active members; yet, his activity on the Social Network Facebook appeared in the Arabic language.
It won’t be surprising that the intensive activity of this person appeared on the pages supporting the “Syrian Revolution”. Furthermore, it may be confirmed that this person is a present participant and an effective activist on all of the pages set by the supporters of the moves on the Social Network Facebook, stirring the Syrian interior.

Well, undoubtedly this person is … Robert Danin

In what follows, we’re going to unveil more about this person’s backgrounds. So what’s he doing on pages entitled as such?

– Freedom for Syria’s people – We Deserve Living in Dignity (including about 20,000 members)
– The Syrian Revolution Coordination Department in Halab 
– I’m a Syrian Refusing Hunger or Theft
– “I’m a Syrian” Campaign 
– The Syrian People’s Revolution: The Dignity and Freedom Revolution
– The Syrian Revolution in America against Bashar Al Assad
– The Syrian Revolution against Bashar Al Asad
– Towards Syria’s Freedom
– Revolution of the Syrian Coast and the Alawites
– The Syrian Rage Day
– The Revolution of Northern Rif Damascus’s Youths against the Ruling Regime (Madaya, Serghaya, Zibdani and the neighboring areas)

Through these pages, Robert Danin is very simply provoking people to demonstrate and propagating rumors. He has even run some electronic demonstrations on Social Network Facebook.

Still, he’s played a more dangerous role by provoking the Syrian people against Hizbullah. For example, he has propagated the lie that Hizbullah “is taking part in repressing the demonstrations of the Syrian people.” Also, he has made up the news of the “1,500 fighters”, claiming that Hizbullah sent them to Syria to repress the demonstrations.

In brief, this is what Robert Danin is doing on the internet, particularly on Social Network Facebook. So what are this person’s reality and backgrounds? And what exactly are his activities? The second episode answers these questions.


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