America Orchestrates Social Network Facebook War 2

America Orchestrates Social Network Facebook War: Robert Danin Sets Example (Episode 2)


How is fabricated news exploited to propagate incitement and Zionist schemes?

On the 20th of the past March, the Syrian opposition activist, Mamoun Al-Homsi (a former Syrian MP), declared news that “upon the statement of eye witnesses, who were doctors treating those wounded during the clashes in the Amawi Mosque several days earlier, some of the wounded persons had a Lebanese accent and belonged to Hizbullah.” Commenting on this claim, Robert Danin, using the name Robert Dani this time, wrote in an inaccurate, “accented”, and informal Arabic: “Such talk is true. I’ve learned that three weeks ago; 1,500 mercenary fighters of Hizbullah arrived in Syria to support basher Al-Assad.”

Not only did Robert Dani (or Danin) post this “news” on the wall of the page entitled “Freedom for Syria’s People – We Deserve to Live in Dignity”, but also he “did a further virtue” by reporting what the Kuwaiti “Al-Siyasa(the Politics)” Newspaper had written concerning the same topic, in addition to mentioning what other Arabic newspapers, fed by the American-Zionist stream, had written. Such steps represented an attempt to confirm his “information” that he had made up in the beginning of the discussion of this topic.

What’s funny about this is that the group administration (Freedom for Syria – We Deserve to Live in Dignity) was quite interested in Mr. Robert Dani’s news, whereby the group administrator’s comment bore an obvious exclamation “Shit! Now Bashar needs Hizbullah! Why doesn’t he get the army’s help? Is he afraid of a military coup?”

So, Robert Danin’s news has affected the group owners and maybe its members too. This, in fact, shows the significance of the dangerous, provocative role this person is performing amid the groups he shares, not to forget these groups’ concentration on the issue of the current turbulences in Syria.

This “adherer” to the freedom of the Syrian people is frankly an antagonist of the Arabic Nation and its issues. Also, he is one of the propagators of the Zionist points of view as regards the regional issues. And this is, in actually, apparent through his academic writings and the political, security, and intelligence roles he’s performed throughout his carrier record.

So who’s Robert Danin?

Having monitored the position this person has held throughout his life, we can provide the following information about him:

Danin has been a former American consul in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Strategic Planning Affairs of the “Israeli”-Arabic negotiations, a Head of the “Israeli”-Palestinian Department of the American National Security Council, a chief representative of the Quartet of Mideast and North Africa mediators, and a Head of the Foreign Ministry Political Committee of the Middle East Issues.

What catches your interest is that Danin has also been a researcher of the US State Department Intelligence Unit, and he has been a researcher of the Washington Institute for Near East Policies.

As for the most conspicuous diplomatic mission that Danin has undertaken has been the Head of Mission at the Office of Quartet Representative (Tony Blair), the Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. Currently he works as a major researcher at the Foreign Relations Council in Washington. Moreover, the “Israeli Haaretz” Newspaper has described him as one of the key personalities of the “Peace Team” in the Middle East.

Among Danin’s “virtues” was the mentioning of his name in a “Wikileaks” cable published by “Haaretz” Newspaper, whereby he reported racial sayings by one of the commanders of the Zionist Labor Party, Isaac Hertzog, against the leader of the Labor Party at that time, Amir Peretz, since the latter is an Eastern Jewish. However, the Hebrew media means reported Danin’s denial regarding this topic, whereby he said he had never heard any talk from Hertzog against the (Moroccan) Jews or any criticism against Amir Peretz. 
So far, this has been the published information concerning Robert Danin. Still, tracking him on the internet, particularly on the Social Network Facebook, will unveil that Robert Danin’s (or Dani’s) social network doesn’t show a lot of “friends”. For instance, he’s got only ten friends, two of whom are Americans, whereas the others are “Israelis”; one of these Americans works for the American Military and belongs to “the American military Channel”.

In fact, the access into this Channel is limited for the militants assigned internet tasks.
How many roles does Robert Danin play on the stage of incidents? And which “bargain” has directed him towards the anti-regime Syrian pages to stir riot against the regime through the Social Network Facebook? Why has he briefed his formal-life name, Robert Danin, into Robert Dani that appears on the Network Facebook? In regard to the ill-willed security roles he’s been performing through his “Facebook life” which bears heaps of provocation, riots incitement, and rumors propagation, it seems probable he’s avoiding imposing the burdens of these roles on his diplomatic life (which isn’t honorable anyway); is it so?

These questions are subject for research and follow-up. Nevertheless, greater questions may be posed concerning the roles the American Intelligence plays as to targeting the forces of resistance and withstanding, as to provoking peoples against these forces, and as to attempting to set these forces up.

In brief, some of our Nation’s people have been driven by personalities as Robert Danin and other sly Americans and Zionist intelligence and security officials. Some of our Nation’s people are lured and driven by the West and are working for the sake of the Western interests – even if this means great division of our countries and deprivation of the power factors we own. Such fact has inflicted injuries upon all of us. Hereupon, we can’t pose the question regarding how those people do so without their realization of the embedded purposes in these Westerners’ moves. If we pose this question, then it will remind us of our past injuries, which is something we wish to avoid.


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