Clan Elders

Clan Elders: Syrian people believe in the security and stability of country, will not fall victim to conspiracy

Clan Elders: Syrian people believe in the security and stability of country, will not fall victim to conspiracy

HASAKA, RAQA, DEIR AZZOUR– Elders of clans in Syria affirmed on Friday that clans are people of chivalry, dignity and honor, and that they will not contribute to any action that harms Syria.

In an interview with Syrian TV, Sheikh Ali Jassem al-Azel, an elder of al-Maamra clan in Hasaka governorate, said that Hasaka’s clans stand by the country and will not respond to the calls of criminal groups from abroad, saying that the names given by the opposition to each Friday constitute “fishing in troubled water.”

Al-Azel said that reform and development is achieved through peaceful means, not murder and vandalism, noting that President Bashar al-Assad initiated many reforms and that the government and the leadership must be given time to continue.

He concluded by pointing out that life in Hasaka was normal except for less than two hundred people who gathered and repeated slogans calling for reform, walking 200 meters then dispersed.

In a similar statement, elder of al-Sabkha and Busubae clans, Sheikh Abdulmohsen al-Rakan said that the majority of clan elders in Raqqa governorate and eastern governorates agreed to refer to this Friday as “Friday of good portents and loyalty to the country” because they believe that Syria is a red line.

Al-Rakan said that all Syrians must protect their country and that they musn’t allow anyone fulfilling foreign agendas to speak on their behalf, reiterating the clan elders’ firm stance and adherence to Syria and its stability.

Sheikh Fawaz Al-Mihid of ‘Al-Fadaan’ Clan underscored the Syrian Clans’ rejection of blood shedding, killing, and arson by the armed terrorist groups.

”Those who bet on dragging the Clans to steer chaos would fail, because the Clans are loyal and sincere to Syria and the Leader of Syria,” said Al-Mihid.

Sheikh Khalil Al-Kashah of ‘Al-Majadlah’ Clan asserted the Clans’ rejection of foreign interference in Syria’s domestic affairs.

Sheikh Kamal Fares Al-Jarah from Deir Azzour Governorate condemned the massacres perpetrated by terrorist armed gangs against the Syrian civilians, security forces and Army.

Sheikh Trad Bin Nawaf, representative of Sheikh Nawri Al-Nawaf, ‘Al-Hadidin’ Clan Chairman, asserted that the Syrian Clans do stand by the Syrian Homeland, Government and Leadership in defense of Syria’s steadfastness and stability.


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