Syrian Army arrive at Jisr al-Shugour

Army units arrive at Jisr al-Shugour entrances to restore security and tranquility in the area, members of terrorist groups arrested

Army units arrive at Jisr al-Shugour entrances to restore security and tranquility in the area, members of terrorist groups arrested

DAMASCUS, IDLEB– Syrian Army Units arrived on Friday afternoon at the entrances of Jisr al-Shughour city in Idleb to carry out its mission that began in the morning to restore security and tranquility to the area which was being terrorized by armed terrorist groups.

The Syrian TV said that army arrested a large number of the armed terrorist group members and killed and wounded a number of them, despite the fact that these groups resorted to setting up traps using dynamites stolen from Wadi Abyad dam area.

The army managed to foil the armed groups’ attempts to besiege the grain silos in the area. The group had threatened to burn crops and any vehicle that attempts to transport groups to the silos.

A Syrian TV correspondent said that the army units are working to weed out the armed groups from the area, adding that these groups targeted the Arab and foreign reporters in the area to prevent them from relaying the truth about what is happening, particularly since these groups are conspiring with a number of channels that declined to accompany the army.

These biased channels are coordinating with the armed groups to use fabricated videos that were filmed by the terrorists after stealing military uniforms and filming each other in anticipation for the arrival of the army.

The people of Jisr al-Shughour and the surrounding area expressed happiness over the arrival of the army, saying that they are feeling safe again after being terrorized by the armed terrorists.

In interviews with Syrian TV, the locals said that the army protects the country and its people, and that its members are Syria’s children and so they answered the call of their brethren to rid them of the terrorist gangs that terrorized them.

They noted that the army was very polite when it entered the city, and that the situation became better and made the locals feel secure and safe from the terrorist gangs.

The locals wondered if freedom involves burning government establishments, crops and security posts, noting that the armed groups threatened to destroy grain solos and the thermal station powering Zeizoun dam, in addition to setting roadblocks, stealing money from citizens and threatening them.

They said that the armed gangs are terrorists and arms dealers, and that the people of the city are clear from them and their acts, which included attacking police and army departments and stealing weapons from them and scaring dozens of families out of town.

Some of the locals who fled Jisr al-Shughour said that the they left to protect themselves and their children after the massacres committed by the armed terrorist groups, adding that the gangs’ attacks that spread fear and terror are part of the conspiracy targeting Syria.

The army had begun pursuing the organized armed groups in response to the call for help issued by the inhabitants of Jisr al-Shughour region.

The Syrian TV correspondent said that the organized armed groups set fire to crops and forests surrounding Jisr al-Shughour, and that five hundred bags of chemical fertilizer were seized in a house in al-kefir village stolen from a warehouse in Jisr al-Shughour to be used in manufacturing explosives.

The organized armed groups terrorized people in Jisr al-Shughour, burned public and private properties and attacked members of the army and security forces, mutilating their bodies.

Later, reports said that hundreds of gunmen dispersed in Bennish and Taftanaz in Idleb, terrorizing the citizens, while others opened fire at citizens and law enforcement forces in Maarat Al-Nuuman.

Meantime, TV satellite Channels of fabrications and lies continued their disinformation campaigns against Syria; ‘Al-Jazeera’ reported the ‘resignation of 9 members of the Baa’th Arab Socialist Party’ (BASP), which was categorically denied by BASP Idleb Branch Secretary General.

‘Al-Jazeera’ also quoted a so-called ‘eye-witness’ ‘Abo Mohamad’ from Damascus Countryside as saying that more than a hundred thousand demonstrators participate in the demonstrations, and quoted another ‘eye-witness’, Abo Hussein as saying that about 2500-3000 demonstrators took part in a demonstration in ‘ Jdaidat Artouz’ , while the participants, in fact, were less than 10 persons in  ‘ Jdaidat Artouz’ and very small all over Damascus Countryside.

Further, ‘Al-Jazeera’ reported that Damascus, Homs and other Syrian cities were crowded in demonstrations and that the security forces fire intensively at them, when , actually, Damascus and Homs were quite with just a small number of demonstrators scattered and being protected from the armed gangs by security forces.

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