Verges about Sarkozy & Juppe

French Lawyer Verges: Syria targeted by foreign endeavors to destabilize it

French Lawyer Verges: Syria targeted by foreign endeavors to destabilize it

Paris, London, Beirut- French renowned Lawyer Jacques Verges said there is a foreign attempt to destabilize Syria through groups financed by the US and Israel who are directly involved in the events Syria is witnessing.

In a speech to the Equality and Reconciliation Website published on Monday, Verges was optimistic regarding the situation in Syria, particularly because the majority of the Syrian people are aware of the plots that try to ignite a civil war that makes Syria a new Iraq.

He expressed astonishment of French President Sarkozey’s endeavors to polish his image at the expense of the Syrian people, describing him as the swindler who suffers from agonies of death.

Global Research: Violence in Syria Supported By Foreign Sides

Global Research website on Monday stressed in a political analysis by Mahdi Darius Mazemroaya that Syria is targeted by a US-Israeli plan to undermine its stances and resistance.

 Mazemroaya, a specialist in Asian and Middle East issues, said that Syria is witnessing complicated violence acts that cannot be viewed as a sought for freedom and democracy.

He added that violence in Syria has been supported from outside and media lies have been used besides offering money and weapons by the US, the EU and a regional coalition.

The writer went on saying that the US and the EU are trying to exploit events in Syria to pressure the Syrian leadership, stressing that Israel and a number of regional countries have played a role in offering weapons to rioters.

He clarified that Syria is targeted by continuous pressure to abide by the US and EU dictations to abandon resistance.

Syrian Social Nationalist Party condemns the conspiracy against Syria

Meanwhile, in Beirut, Syrian Social Nationalist Party condemned the conspiracy against Syria and its people aiming at fragmenting the social structure, instigating all forms of seditions to destabilize the country.

“A new era of the New Middle East Project began to emerge in order to protect the future of the Zionist project through targeting Syria because it is the main obstacle in the face of subjugating the region and dividing it,” The Party said in a statement.

It added that the decisions of reform issued lately in Syria form a higher roof for reform which would be invested in the modernization of the State and society.


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