Turkmani about visit to Turkey

Turkmani: My visit to Turkey important, positive…It reaffirmed mutual confidence between the two leaderships

Turkmani: My visit to Turkey important, positive…It reaffirmed mutual confidence between the two leaderships

DAMASCUS- Assistant Vice President Hassan Turkmani described his visit to Turkey as very important and positive, adding “it reaffirmed the mutual confidence between the leaderships in the two friendly countries and serious desire in work, coordination and mutual consultation.”

“Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, I paid a visit to Turkey, conveying a letter of congratulation on the occasion of the Development and Justice Party’s wining in the latest elections and a letter of cooperation and fraternity with the Turks,” Turkmani said in a speech to the Syrian TV broadcast Thursday.

He added that the meeting with Turkish Primer Recep Tayyip Erdogan was an opportunity for a transparent review to what is going on in Syria and brief the Turkish brothers with the real events.

“I briefed Mr. Erdogan with all the efforts exerted in Syria, particularly the comprehensive reform project carried out by President al-Assad which became ripe,” Turkmani said, adding “we have carried out part of the reform program, and will complete the other steps soon.”

He pointed out to Erdogan’s support of the reform project and its contents, accelerating its performance and implementation because this makes Syria more strong and stable.

Turkmani said, “I listened to Erdogan’s ideas and directives about how to deal with the sides in Syria as well as his support to the reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad, stressing that the Turkish government will support this program because it helps effectively stabilize Syria and the region”.

He noted that he held discussions with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglo and consultations about the efforts exerted by the Turkish government on the international arena to clarify the Syrian stance and the content of President al-Assad’s reform program.

Turkmani added that he clarified that the reform program will be completed soon and will definitely reflect the demands of the Syrian people in the current stage to build the future of Syria, pointing out that the reform program includes economy, society, politics, as well as media, elections and parties laws.

He said that the Turkish leadership is exerting all efforts to help Syria carry out this reform program.

Turkmani described the meetings with Erdogan and Davutoglo as transparent and frank as supposed to be between two countries linked by strategic relationship.

He stressed that this relationship is important and based on firm principles built by President al-Assad and President Abdullah Gul and developed by Erdogan, expressing hope in developing the relationship positively.

Turkmani said his visit was important and positive and reaffirmed the mutual confidence between the two leaderships in the two countries.

He went on saying, “We seek to support those directives to develop this relationship between the two countries and upgrade it”, stressing the necessity to prevent anyone from trying to affect the Syrian-Turkish relationship.

Turkmani was optimistic of the future of relation between the two countries, saying “We and the brothers in Turkey stress that the relation between the two countries is not a traditional one between two neighbors, but it is deeply-rooted between the two peoples and officials.”


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