Congressman Dennis Kucinich : al-Assad is highly appreciated by the Syrians

Kucinich: There are some who want to give wrong picture about Syria

Kucinich: There are some who want to give wrong picture about Syria

U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich called on international media not to engage in exaggerating the events in Syria and jumping to conclusions without talking to people and listening to what they want.

“There are some who want to give a wrong picture about what is going on in Syria,” Kucinich said in a press conference held on Tuesday at the Four Seasons Hotel, adding that things should be left to the Syrian people, government and leadership to decide for themselves the direction and the way to go for democratic changes.

The U.S. Congressman described what is taking place in terms of the meetings of opposition and independent figures who are expressing themselves and their views openly and freely as “a largely positive progress”, saying “President Bashar al-Assad cares so much about what is taking place in Syria, which is evident in his effort towards a new Syria and everybody who meets him can be certain of this.”

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad (C-L) meets with US Congressman Dennis Kucinich and his delegation in Damascus

“President al-Assad is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians,” said Kucinich, voicing his belief that people in Syria are seeking a real change which is up to them.

“What I saw in Syria in terms of the open discussion for change demanded by the people and the desire for national dialogue is a very positive thing,” said the U.S. official, adding “Syria has gone through hard times…However, I believe there is a very strong desire for unity and democratic change, and the difficulties Syria has faced over the past few months can be overcome.”

He continued saying “All whom I talked to during the last few days spoke about the importance of stopping violence. It is very important to stop violence, and this is a responsibility the government is aware of and deals with seriously.”

He added that “at the same time, people know that their legitimate aspirations can not be ignored…I came here to understand what these aspirations are and to convey this to the members of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. administration, as well as to the international community.”

Answering a question on the American stance towards what is going on in Syria, Kucinich said that the U.S. government is worried about the violent acts taking place and that it is interested to know that an opposition has developed and is being greatly supported and working in a peaceful way to reach change.

“I met people from the government and the opposition. In case both sides come to common points at a later time, the international community should take knowledge of this because things are developing in Syria,” said the U.S. Congressman.

He stressed that “if Syria could allow more freedoms and achieve more democratic reforms through working together with the opposition, this will give an important lesson to the world,” expressing hope the situation in Syria will be stable again and the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people will be met.

“Syria is an important country and what is going on in it and the repercussions will not only affect it, but rather the region and the world as well,” said Kucinich, hoping Syria and the Syrian people will overcome the difficulties in the way of democratic change.

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