Syrian Revolution 2011 – Damascus , Homs , Tartous

Hundreds of Thousands Swear Loyalty to Homeland in Umawiyeen Square, Rallies and Activities Continue across Syria


 In expression of loyalty to Homeland and support to the reform program, popular, youth and civil activities continue all across the Syrian provinces, stressing rejection of all forms of foreign interference in Syria’s affairs.

On Sunday evening, hundreds of thousands of Syrians gathered in Umawiyeen Square in the “Oath of Loyalty to the Homeland” festival to express support for the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad, affirm the importance of national unity and reject instigation campaigns and attempts to cause chaos.

The festival, organized by Syrian Youth Fingerprint, began with a moment of silence in honor of martyrs, the recital Syrian national anthem, and the organizers’ speech delivered by Syrian Youth Fingerprint chairman Anas Mohammad Younes.


Younes voiced the Syrian youths’ rejection of any foreign interference, affirming that they are united by their love for Syria and commitment to its security and stability, saying that this festival is a clear message that Syria’s youth support President Bashar al-Assad and his comprehensive reform program.

Younes also affirmed that Syria’s youth are pride of Syria’s army, saluting the souls of the martyrs and their families, stressing that Syria’s youth will be victorious over those who conspire against the homeland.

He also saluted religious the figures who took noble stances to stop sedition, bloodshed and vandalism.

 Afterwards, the participants in Umawiyeen Square along with thousands in similar events in Lattakia, Tartous, Sweida, Homs and Damascus countryside recited an oath of loyalty to the homeland at the same time.


 The event also included fireworks that lit the sky above the square and are performances by Syrian and Arab artists including George Wassouf, Wafiq Habib, Hasan al-Deek, Shadi Aswad, Ayman Zbeib, Melhem Zein, Rweida Atiyeh, Hussam Madaniye, Samer Gabro, Moein Sharif and Mohammad Bash.


250 athletes, artists and youths also rode into Umawiyeen Square on bikes carrying Syrian flag, starting from the end of Mazzeh Highway, while a rally was organized from al-Fayhaa Stadium to the square.

 Elias Shahoud, Chairman of Syrian Scouts, told SANA that 2,000 scouts from all the Syrian governorates participated in the festival, adding that they came to unite their voices in support for national unity and reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.


He added that the festival is a massage to all conspirators and an honest stance of supporting the reform process and rejecting foreign interference.

 Several participants expressed in interviews with SANA support for reform process in Syria and rejection of all attempts to spread chaos and incitement among the Syrian people.


Coach Ayman Nahhas said “We’ve participated in the march… Our group included more than 250 artists and athletes… We’ve ridden our bikes from al-Mazzeh Highway to Umawiyeen Square to participate in this activity.”

 For her part, actress Lama Ibrahim said that Syria will overcome the crisis and confront the plots targeting it because of Syria’s national and pan-Arab stances.


Dr. Samir Moalla, said “We’ve participated in the march to express our love and loyalty for our country and for President all-Assad… We stress, for the whole world, that the conspiracy has failed thanks to the unity of the Syrian people.”

 Artist Subhi al-Rifa’ai said “We came here today to show the world that no one can undermine our country and national unity”.


In turn, Ali Othman, of the organizing committee, stressed the role of the youths in building and defending Syria.

Radwan al-Ahmad, who came from Safita city in Tartous Governorate to take part in the festival, said that the Syrian youths came to show support for Syria and its President and to stress their adherence to the reform program led by President al-Assad, adding that the conspiracy has been unmasked.

In turn, artist Radwan al-Qintar said that such events represent a call to Syrians to break the barrier of fear and prove that Syria is doing fine, contrary to what biased channels are claiming.

For her part, Bushra Juma’a Salem said that her participation in the festival is a small part of her duty towards her country that can’t be compared to the sacrifices of those who gave their lives to protect Syria, adding that she brought her children along to teach them the importance of being an active part of society and expressing one’s opinions.

In turn, Rachel Shahin said that she came to express her love for Syria and her desire to help defend it against conspiracy, adding that anyone regardless of age can have a positive role in society.

Hala Wanous, a member of the festival’s organizing committee, said that youth flocked spontaneously to participate in each event that proves their love for Syria and confronting the conspiracies against it.

For his part, Kinan Haddad said that the gathering masses on Sunday prove that Syria is stronger than ever despite all the difficulties and conspiracies, and that the Syrian youth proved their worth and ability to understand this critical time and assume an active role in defending their country.

Hundreds of Children Express Love for Syria

Hundreds of children from across Syria participated in the “All of Us for the Homeland… Tomorrow is More Beautiful” festivity held near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


The festivity included art performances by children, an art exhibition and displaying a 1,400 meter cloth banner bearing the signatures of 1,300,000 children and a short message affirming loyalty to the homeland and its leader.

Dozens of Thousands Raise Kilometer Long Syrian Flag in Baniyas

Tens of thousands of the citizens of Baniyas city in the coastal province of Tartous went out on a mass march to voice their support of the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad, responding to the incitement campaigns against the Syrian people.

The marchers raised 1 km Syrian flag along the city’s corniche and floated another 100 m flag on the sea surface sealed with the fingerprints and signatures of the youth of Banias.

The participants chanted the Syrian national anthem and observed a minute of silence in honor of the civilian and military martyrs.


The also chanted slogans calling for boosting national unity against the seditious campaigns and discourse aimed at creating divisions among the Syrian people.

Muhanad Salameh and Lama Mohammad al-Hamed, from ‘Fingerprint of Baniyas Youth’, the group organizing the campaign, said the initiative reflects support of Banias people to reform and gives a message that they are all against killing and sabotage.

 A number of the youth participating in the campaign from Aleppo, Quneitra and Damascus expressed their enthusiasm to show their loyalty to Syria, stressing the youth’s role in building the homeland.


6 Thousand Syrians form Syria’s Flag with their Bodies in Tartous

Around 6 thousand Syrian youths on Sunday formed the Syrian flag by wearing colored clothes in Tartous Corniche.

Hundreds of thousands gathered around the big flag holding flags and banners and chanting national slogans and songs.


The participants condemned the sabotage acts that aim at destabilizing Syria and its safety.

Ala’a Khalil said that Syria will emerge stronger from the crisis because of the awareness of its youths, stressing the youths’ support for the reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad and rejection of all forms of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

For his part, artist Zouhair Abdul-Karim said “These activities led by the Syrian youths are an honest proof that reflects a real image of the Syrian people who want reform not sabotage and destruction”.

 Hassan al-Fajr, citizen from Jisr al-Shughour city in Idleb Governorate, said that he is participating in this activity in appreciation and loyalty for the Syrian army who restored safety and stability to the areas which witnessed sabotage acts committed by armed terrorist groups.


Syrian Flag Raised in Khirbet Ghazi Village in Homs

In Homs province, central Syria, hundreds of the residents of Khirbet Ghazi village on Saturday raised the Syrian flag along the main road in the village in cooperation with the neighboring villages.


The participants said the initiative comes to underscore the importance of preserving the unified Syrian family with all their differences under the umbrella of the homeland.

Citizens of Nibel town in Aleppo province, in northern Syria, hoisted on Saturday an 8 m long and 4 m wide flag on a 22 m high flagpole erected on the town’s hill in expression of national unity and rejection of foreign interference.

Afterwards, thousands of the citizens gathered in the town’s square in a national festival celebrating reform program and stressing rejection of the misleading media campaigns against their homeland.

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