Syrian Revolution 2011 – Plans of igniting sedition

The Syrian TV on Tuesday presented voice recordings of persons involved in conspiring and instigating against Syria from the US website Paltalk, which has become since the beginning of the crisis in Syria an operation room to lead the events.

The recordings are about discussions between internal and external sides about their plans of igniting sedition in the country and marketing fabricated videos via misleading media channels.

Two persons were heard in a conversation talking about the inability of the army to enter Hama and how the gunmen, who have closed the city with roadblocks, kidnapped law enforcement members, calling them “dogs”.Voice recordings prove external involvement in Syria's events, refute claims on army's entry in Hama

One of the recordings presented the voice of a person saying that the visit of the US ambassador Robert Ford to Hama was very precious, adding that the visit gave a green light for the protestors.

Rafiq Lutf, a Syrian Journalist and Blogger, said the weapons used by the expiatory terrorist gangs in Hama are not available in Syria as they have pump-action rifles and unfamiliar weapons, some are loaded with bullets and others with grenades.

Lutf indicated to the terrorist acts practiced by these expiatory members in terms of killing and mutilating bodies and throwing them in the Orontes River, which are part of their plot to terrorize people.

Lutf added that some of the Paltalk rooms’ participants said they were asked to replace the military uniforms of the bodies thrown into the Orontes River with civil clothes to claim that these bodies belong to what they call ‘Shabiha’, referring to pro-regime groups , “Lutf added.

For his part, the political analyst Abdullah Mneini described the videos broadcasted by the Syrian TV of the armed groups’ practices in Hama as strange from the Syrian society and a new episode of the foreign conspiracy against Syria.

He said that the scenes taking place in Hama over the past few days indicate that the gangs are well-organized with a work strategy and tactic. He referred to the burning of tires in several areas and the attack of state establishments by the gangs’ members to camouflage and claim that the city is being shelled by the army, which has not entered the city at all.


About The Syrian Revolution 2011 - Lies and the Truth

The Syrian Revolution 2011 – Lies and the Truth مع تحيات كتيبة سيريان ليكس شعارنا : الشعب الوطن القائد best Regards SyrianLeaks Battalion (Tribute to our martyrs of the civilian and military )
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