Smuggling weapons from Lebanon into Syria?

Who is behind Lebanon’s smuggling weapons into Syria?


 Along decades, Lebanon’s relation to Syria was marked as excellent and based on brotherly social, political, and economic ground.

Today, as Syria is confronting an international conspiracy towards an internal strife; some Lebanese political parties are working to turn Lebanon into a bleeding side in the common Lebanese-Syrian body.

Searching for political gain, personal revenge and submitting to the dictates of the U.S. are all subheadings in the way to convert the compass of the Lebanese line from Arabism and resistance to the “Israeli” agenda.

Lebanese newspapers: Who is behind Lebanon’s smuggling weapons into Syria?

Are some Lebanese political boats re-sailing towards US and “Israel” against Syria?

Smuggling weapons into Syria scandal

Security sources confirmed that the Directorate of Army intelligence had foiled a smuggling of weapons operation from Beirut to Syria. It is interesting to note that the detainees, according to security information, wanted to transfer arms by sea, through the touristic port of St. George in Beirut.

“Al-Akhbar” newspaper reported Saturday that high level security sources informed its reporter that the Directorate of Army Intelligence received information that two people in Beirut are looking for a large quantity of military weapons, to be sent to Syria.

“The Beirut branch of the Directorate began to pursue the matter. Quickly, it got information that led to the suspicion of two persons one of them is responsible for managing the marina, operated by “Solidere” company in the St. George area. During the follow-up, the two suspects asked a third partner to provide them with 1,000 rifles machine guns to be transported to Syria,” “al-Akhbar” revealed.

“During his negotiations with them, the merchant heard the suspects saying that they want to transfer arms by sea, if the quantity is large. However, if the weapons were provided as small quantities at different times, they would be transported by a “judge’s” car to the north, and from it to inside Syria,” the paper added.

“The suspects confirmed the dealer,” according to the same daily sources, “that one of the officers in the Directorate General of Internal Security Forces had previously facilitated the transfer of weapons for them claiming that another ISF officer is a partner in their work.”

After receiving the weapons a Lebanese army patrol stopped the suspects in the area of Aramoun, where a cache of weapons was seized with a quantity of cocaine that the port detainee claimed that he promotes in his place of work i.e. “Solidere”.

For its part, “as-Safir” news paper uncovered that “two of the arrested suspects performed more than thirty smuggling of weapons operations into Syria specifically from Beirut’s coast to Banias.”

“The detainees are from “al-Hadaden (blacksmiths)” area in Tripoli, and belong to one of the most prominent political movement in the former majority,” “as-Safir” said.

Statement against Mikati: Local Invention

In a parallel context, Lebanese Information Minister Walid al-Daouq accused “March 14” forces without naming them of seeking to confront the government by shoving Lebanon into the events of Syria through a statement issued against Prime Minister Najib Mikati accusing him of killing Syrian children.

“It is known who the political party that wrote and distributed this statement is,” Daouq said. “It wants to shove Lebanon into the events in Syria.”

Another Lebanese official source told “as-Safir” newspaper that the statement “is a local invention as part of the campaigns on the government and the PM.”

“Lebanon took into consideration its local issues, its ties with Syria and the international community when it dissociated itself from a UN Security Council statement against Syria,” the source said.

“Mikati doesn’t need lessons on patriotism from anyone. He always calls for the adoption of dialogue to resolve all differences and stresses that things could not be solved through violence,” the official stressed to “as-Safir”.

“The Future Movement seems to be recovering the “maestro” of its targeted campaigns, as proven by the agreement among its MPs yesterday and the gatherings supporting a concentrated attack targeting Lebanon’s stance on the UN Security Council statement on Syria.,” “al-Akhbar” commented in its editorial.

Meanwhile, the National News Agency reported Friday that the Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour is scheduled to visit Syria Sunday at the invitation of his Syrian counterpart Walid Moallem.

Mansour, heading a ministry delegation, will hold talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Moallem on relations between the two countries.

Mansour’s visit comes amid Lebanon’s decision this week to dissociate itself from a UN Security Council statement on Syria.



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