London , Damascus and Media Hypocrisy

Italian Journalist: ”Syria: London as Damascus, but not for the international community”

Italian Journalist: ''Syria: London as Damascus, but not for the international community''

ROME-  Matthew Bernabei, an Italian Journalist with ‘Rinascita’ Daily criticized the double standards of the international community and campaign of lies in dealing with the events ongoing in Syria and in Britain.

In an analysis entitled ”Syria: London as Damascus, but not for the international community”, Bernabei wrote: last night the government- UK- decided to lock down the capital city area on unfolding around 16 thousand agents, the excuse of having to protect the population,” citing British Premier, David Cameron’s, who said that he was ready to support military intervention in Syria to satisfy the democratic aspirations of the people in revolt, statements to this effect.

”Two very similar situations but have been “accepted” by the international community in a completely different way. Yesterday when, for example, the President of the Arab country has announced its inability to renounce the use of armed forces to protect citizens, cries of indignation were raised from the main capitals of the New and the Old World against the that seemed, at least in the eyes of the false self-righteous Westerners, a declaration of war of a president to part of its population.Silence or even statements of solidarity rather have accompanied the same statements made by the same British Prime Minister ” said Bernabei.

”Similarly, when Cameron said that young people took to the streets “do not represent the majority of young people but are pockets of our society that are not only broken, but sick,” many European leaders have signed the statement. But when the government of Damascus has released photos and video showing how one of the anti-government protesters there were groups of Islamic extremists armed and dangerous, which had to be stopped, the international community has talked about manipulation of information by the authorities of the Arab country approving and has punished political and economic sanctions.” added Bernabei citing the millions of people who took to the streets several times in Damascus and other cities of Syria, to show their solidarity and their support for President Bashar Al-Assad.

Bernabei added ”the ongoing campaign against Syria is an artfully assembled to end the independence of a country that in the Near East had dared to refuse to bend to the yoke of Washington and its allies. I wonder what Cameron would think if its citizens started to plunder the armories of London, Manchester and Liverpool, considering that just happens to have admitted to having “a big problem with gangs in England.”

”But the lies have short legs and often the truth is slowly coming to the surface even in Syria. After the denial of the abduction of a lesbian blogger Amina, even the false story of premature babies killed by the army of Damascus because of the interruption of current in a hospital in Hama was denied. The photo spread on the net from the usual anonymous self-styled human rights activists, where he saw eight dead little bodies piled next to the atrium, was actually published on 6 and April 7 from a recent online newspaper of Egypt, to the Badil, denouncing the lack of facilities at a clinic in Alexandria, Egypt. As was also denied the news of the death of former defense minister removed from al-Assad for health reasons. Already a few moments after the news of the discovery of the lifeless body of the man, on the network were running rumors about his murder due to his repeated refusals to support the use of the army against the population. What until recently was first indicated by the dissidents themselves as one of the torturers “regime” was thus transformed to art in a new symbol of the uprising. Unfortunately for them, the man was not dead and is back on television to prove it.

”The farce staged by the U.S. and its allies began to show, therefore, its first significant cracks. Moreover, facing the very real risk of their own pockets to pay the campaign of U.S. expansion in the Middle East, even the EU seems to hesitate. The new sanctions proposed by some countries of the Old Continent, namely those involving the boycott of Syria’s oil and gas, it should be directly harming speakers of many European states.” concluded Bernabei.

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