President Bashar al-Assad : Interview 21.08.2011

President al-Assad: The Solution in Syria Is Political…There Will be Elections and Review of Constitution

President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday said that the awareness the Syrian people have shown protected the Homeland and foiled the plot seeking to undermine Syria within few weeks.

In a televised interview with the Syrian TV, President al-Assad assured that the security situation in Syria is better now, saying “We have recently made security achievements which we have not announced yet in order to ensure their success.”

The President pointed out that there are security cases that must be addressed through the security institutions.

President al-Assad stressed that the solution in Syria is political.”We have chosen the political solution since the very first days of events; otherwise, we wouldn’t have headed towards reform in less than a week after the events began.”

“We are at a transitional stage and we will follow up on the laws … there will be elections and a review of the constitution … the most important thing at this stage is to continue dialogue,” said the President, stressing ” It is unquestionable that there will be a review of the constitution whether the target is Article 8 or the other political items. “

President al-Assad pointed out that the time expected for conducting the People’s Assembly elections is by February 2012.

The President stressed that everyone who got involved in an offense against a Syrian citizen, whether civilian or military, will be held accountable when proved guilty beyond doubt.

“Reform for all the colonialist Western countries is to give them all they want and to abandon all the rights, and this will be their unattainable dream whether under these circumstances and under any other circumstances,” said the President.

He noted that Syria’s relationship with the West is one of dispute on sovereignty whose persistent goal is to take away the sovereignty of the countries including Syria, stressing “We are unhesitantly committed to our sovereignty.”

President al-Assad warned that “Any military action against Syria will have much more implications that they can bear.”

The President stressed that it is impossible that Syria might suffer hunger as it has self-sufficiency and its geographical position is central for the region’s economy, noting that any blockade on Syria will affect a large number of the countries in the region and will reflect on other countries as well.

“We don’t permit any country in the world, near or far, to interfere in the Syrian decision,” said President al-Assad, adding that the attempt to act as the guide or the instructor or the role player at the expense of the Syrian cause is totally rejected from any official anywhere in the world.

“The only ceiling of media is the law and objectivity … and I share with many who are saying that the Syrian media have made an important leap over the past two months,” said the President.

“I am assured because the Syrian people have always come out of crises stronger … and it is natural that this crisis as any other crisis will give them more strength,” President al-Assad concluded.

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