Medvedev : There are terrorists and extremists within the ranks of Syrian opposition

Medvedev: There are terrorists and extremists within the ranks of Syrian opposition

MOSCOW- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said some Syrian opposition members can be described as terrorists, adding that those who are chanting slogans against the Syrian government are diverse.

In an interview with Euronews Network, Medvedev said that NATO violated the UN authorization by Resolution 1973 on Libya, adding that Moscow will insist that this will not be repeated in Syria’s case.

Medvedev said ”Those who are chanting slogans against the Syrian government are not adherents of the pure European democracy but vastly diverse, and some of them extremists, some can be dubbed terrorists. Therefore, the situation cannot be called ideal.”

”Russia is ready to support diverse stances, yet these stances should not be based on a one-sided view, but should rather give a signal to all parties to sit to the table and agree on stopping bloodshed.”

Medvedev said that Russia is interested in the Syrian situation given that it is a staunch friend of Syria.

Russian Source: No Meetings with Syrian Opposition Representatives at Russian Foreign Ministry

An informed Russian source said that the Russian Foreign Ministry has no intention of meeting representatives of the Syrian opposition during their visit to Moscow.

An informed source in Moscow was quoted as saying that the Syrian opposition representatives came to Moscow at the invitation of invented social organizations and the Federation Council of Russia.

Margelov Reiterates Russia’s Rejection of Foreign Interference in Syria

Special Representative of the Russian President for Africa Affairs and Head of the International Relations’ Committee at the Russian Federation Council, Michail Margelov, on Friday reiterated Moscow’s rejection of any foreign interference in the Syrian affairs.

In a statement to reporters after meeting with a delegation of the Syrian opposition, Margelov stressed that Russia will do whatever it takes to make sure that the Libyan scenario is not repeated in Syria.

He said that the crisis in Syria should be settled without any foreign interference, adding that the Syrians are the only side who has the right to settle their issues.

“Russia was and still is viewing Syria as a friendly country… Moscow is interested in finding a political settlement to the situation in Syria as soon as possible,” he concluded.

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