Escalation of Sanctions against Syria Won’t Be Productive


Russia’s Permanent Representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov reiterated his country’s stress that escalation and increasing pressure of sanctions on Syria will not be productive, as other countries’ experience proved that economic sanctions don’t yield any practical results.

“What is taking place in Syria is not acts of force by one side since the opposition tries to realize its political slogans by arms. And this is something unacceptable in an ordinary civilized society,” said Chizhov in a statement in Brussels on Thursday, noting that the reforms being carried out by the Syrian leadership can be judged after they are accomplished.

He added that Russia could support call for ending violence and shifting the settlement of the situation existing in Syria to the course of peaceful dialogue between the authority and the opposition.

The Russian official called to take lessons from the events in Libya and avoid the mistakes committed there while dealing with the Syrian track.

Chizhov said Russia finds no grounds for pride in the successes in Libya, since there were enormous damages and it is unknown where things are heading to in Libya, adding that the civilian casualties were not the result of clashes only, but due to the NATO bombing of Libya.

He said that the NATO and the EU countries interfered in an internal conflict in Libya and provided military support to one of the sides in this conflict, which can be called a civil war, pointing to the difference in the attitudes of the EU countries regarding thesituation in Libya.

Margelov: Russia Rejects Evolvement of Syria Events According to Libyan Scenario

Russia’s Special Presidential Envoy for Africa Affairs Mikhail Margelov said that Russia rejects the evolvement of events in Syria in a way similar to the Libyan scenario, stressing that the Syrian people have to settle their issues independently.

In a statement issued in Moscow on Thursday, Margelov said that he discussed with Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, Lebanese prime minister and parliament speaker the situation in Syria and the Middle East.

He added that views concurred that Syria will overcome the difficulties and emerge from the political deadlock in a peaceful way.

Margelov said that his visit to Lebanon comes as part of Russia’s efforts on the Syrian track and the coordination between Russia and Lebanon on the situation in Syria.

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