President Bashar al-Assad : Meeting with a delegation of the ALBA countries

President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday said the steps taken by Syria focus on two tracks; the political reform and putting an end to the acts of armed groups.

President al-Assad’s remark came during his meeting with a delegation of the ALBA countries in Damascus.

The delegation includes Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, Bolivian Minister of Communications Ivan Canelas, Venezuelan Interior Minister Tareq al-Aisami, Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Temir Porras, Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry Sub-secretary Pablo Villagomiz and Nicaraguan Deputy Foreign Minister Maria Rubiales.

The development of events in Syria was the main topic of discussion during the meeting, with President al-Assad highlighting to the delegation members the overwhelming response with which the reforms being implemented in Syria have been met by the Syrian people.

“The foreign attack on Syria got more fierce as soon as the internal situation started to get better, since what they want is not reforms, but to make Syria pay the price for its stances and defiance of the foreign plots in the region,” said the President.

“Despite this, the reform process will be proceeding and it is being carried out based on a sovereign decision independent of any foreign dictates from whatever side,” stressed President Al-Assad, expressing great appreciation over the stances of the ALBA countries towards the developments in Syria.

Members of the ALBA delegation conveyed to President al-Assad the solidarity and support of the presidents and peoples of their countries to Syria, as well as their denunciation of the political and media campaign facing Syria over its stances.

The members stressed that their countries will always stand by Syria in all fields and at all the international forums.

They also referred to the big difference they noticed on their visit to Syria between what is being broadcast by media on the events in Syria and the reality of the situation on the ground, asserting their countries’ total rejection of any form of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

The meeting was attended by Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad and the Cuban and Venezuelan ambassadors in Damascus.

In the same framework, Minister al-Moallem met the ALBA delegation in the presence of Mikdad, Assistant Foreign Minister Ahmad Arnous and the Director of America Department at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.

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