Press conference with a delegation of ALBA countries foreign ministers


Al-Moallem: "We will adopt strict measures against any country which recognizes the illegitimate "Syrian National Council"...Visit of ALBA foreign ministers to Damascus underlines deep relations"

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said that the visit of ALBA countries’ foreign ministers to Damascus underlines the deep relations between Syria and ALBA countries.

In a joint press conference with a delegation of ALBA countries’ foreign ministers on Sunday, Al-Moallem said ”The timing of the delegation’s visit and their coming from overseas gives an idea about the scope of this solidarity.”

Answering a question on announcing the so-called ”National Transitional Council” in Istanbul and its bids for gaining international recognition, al-Moallem said ”I am not interested in what they seek, and we will adopt strict measures against any country which will recognize the illegitimate council.”

Al-Moallem said that vandalism and violent acts moved to target the Syrian diplomatic missions abroad, adding the countries in which these missions are based are responsible for protecting them.

Al-Moallem added that the EU countries have laws regulating peaceful demonstration so that not a protest or gatherings are allowed without prior license.

Al-Moallem wondered “Do the armed terrorist groups want holding a national dialogue? …Do the armed groups, which assassinate the intellectuals and scholars, want reforms in Syria? … These groups kill people for money; therefore I don’t see any relation between what they do and the reform program and the scheduled dialogue.”

He added that the national opposition is invited to participate in the national dialogue and in building the future of Syria.

Al-Moallem said “the number of the Syrian figures who have been assassinated has reached 1110… It is essential that we inform the international community about the existence of armed groups who perpetrate acts of violence in Syria and kill huge number of martyrs.”

He added “A lot of people in the West say ‘this revolution is peaceful and the demonstrations are peaceful and they don’t recognize the existence of the armed terrorist groups whom they finance and smuggle weapons to them.”

Answering a question on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s insistence on imposing sanctions on Syria and the Kurdish Parties leadership’s accusation of the Turkish intelligence of assassinating Mishael Tammo”, al-Moallem said “I affirm that a terrorist group assassinated martyr Mishael Tammo who rejected the calls for foreign interference.. His assassination aims at igniting sedition in Hasaka Province which remained throughout the crisis an example for coexistence and tolerance.”

Regarding the statements of the Turkish Prime Minister, al-Moallem said “We say that Syria is not arms folded and we will respond in the same way we are treated.”

“We support the comprehensive national dialogue and the participation of the opposition in this dialogue and we call for going on in the comprehensive reform program…The ministers today listened to this approach led by president Bashar al-Assad, and we don’t know anything about Russia’s willingness to mediate in this regard…I reiterate that we support the national dialogue and the opposition is invited to participate in it,” al-Moallem said.

He added ” I reiterate our thanks and appreciation for the Russian and Chinese stances at the UN Security Council, and we make constant contacts with the Russian leadership with regard to the situation in Syria…It is clear that Russia usually calls for preventing the foreign interference in Syria’s affairs and for holding a national dialogue in which the opposition participates…It also calls for going on the program of comprehensive reforms and it adopts a stance in light of this policy.”

He went on saying “The armed terrorist groups perpetrate acts of violence in Syria and they carry out their missions and flee to the neighboring villages…There is no country in the world which accepts to keep silent about such groups which perpetrate acts of violence against its citizens…I think that our Russian friends are aware of this truth, particularly after a Russian oil company in Homs was attacked by terrorists two days ago.”

” We know the hugeness of the pressures facing the countries which support Syria, yet Cuba is an example to follow in this regard as it resisted all forms of pressures including the military aggression…We are confident that the Syrian principled stance will continue, and we in return will stay committed to the program of comprehensive reform and the national dialogue in which we invite the opposition to participate …the security forces will continue to confront the armed terrorist groups,” al-Moallem said.

Cuban Foreign Minister: We Denounce Assassinations and Acts of  Sabotage which Seek to Destabilize Syria

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Rodriguez said “We denounce the acts of sabotage and assassination in Syria which aim at undermining its security and stability.”

“The ALBA countries support Syria and urge the UN and the Security Council to play an objective role in Syria,” Parrilla added.

Ecuador Foreign Ministry Sub-secretary: We Hope that the Foreign Interference in Syria will not be Exploited to Undermine its Sovereignty, Security and Stability 

Ecuador Foreign Ministry Sub-secretary Pablo Villagomiz said “We hope that the foreign interference in Syria will not be exploited to undermine the sovereignty, security and stability of the Syrian people.”

Villagomiz added “We came to Syria to express the ALBA solidarity with Syria’s sovereignty and independence.”

Bolivian Minister of Information and Communications Strongly Condemns Imperialism Attempts to Harm Freedom, Sovereignty and Dignity of the Syrian People

Bolivian Minister of Information and Communications Ivan Canelas said “We strongly condemn the imperialism attempts to harm the freedom, sovereignty and dignity of the Syrian people,” adding, ”We are here today to express our respect and support to Syria and the Syrian people.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister: We Reject all Forms of Interference in Syria’s Affairs by the West or Imperialism

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro Moros said ”We conveyed to Syria and the Syrian people and President Bashar al-Assad, on behalf of ALBA countries’ leaders, our genuine solidarity with Syria and rejection of all forms of Western and imperialistic interference in the internal affairs of this country. The Syrian people have the right to solve their own problems.”

”We expressed support to the Syrian people in the national dialogue efforts for finding peaceful solutions, and rejection of distortion and lies disseminated by media in an attempt to market a different image of Syria,” he added.

He went on saying “We can’t stand arms folded while we are watching how the imperialism is trying to exploit the situations and the internal problems in Syria to serve its interests and to destabilize this country.”

“We unanimously decided to support the Syrian people to overcome their crisis and problems…In the first place, we will convey a true image about what is taking place in Syria…The media, psychological and political war against Syria must stop, and we condemn this war,” he said.

“In the second place, we must support each other at the international forums, particularly at the UN Security Council and the UN which can’t change into a war tool in the hand of imperialism and Zionism against the nations of the world…We think that it is impudence to reject the Palestinian’s request to have a seat at the UN, and at the same time they keep silent when the occupation forces shell Gaza,” he said.

Nicaragua Deputy Foreign Minister : Defending Syria is Defending all of Our Nations against the Imperialism Aggressions

Nicaragua Deputy Foreign Minister Maria Rubiales said that she conveyed a message of support from President Daniel Ortega and the Nicaraguan people to the Syrian people and leadership who have usually stood by the people and leadership of Nicaragua in face of the imperialism attempts of aggression in the 1980s.

Rubiales added “We are in the same trench…We defend peace and sovereignty…Defending Syria is defending all of our nations against the imperialism aggressions…Attacking Syria means attacking the ALBA countries and the peoples of South America.”

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