Russian and Indian delegations start visit to Syria



Two delegations from India and Russia on Sunday, the first day of their five day visit to Syria, said that life is normal and the reality is different from what is being reported by some media.

The delegations’ members said in statements to SANA that they came to try to closely inspect the situation in Syria and the reality of the events taking place on the ground.

The Russian delegation is a media one that includes representatives of a number of Russian media.

Hassan Nasr from Russia Today channel said that the delegation’ visit aims to get acquainted with the truth about what is happening in Syria and convey the real picture of the events after visiting a number of the Syrian cities.

He noted that despite the many criticisms facing it, Russia Today is working hard to convey the true image of the events in Syria and is trying its best to contact all the categories of the Syrian people and all of the parties concerned in order to reflect a complete picture as it is on the ground regardless of the accusations those parties are faced with.

Taymour Olevsky, a correspondent of the Echo of Moscow radio station, and Rita Shelikhova, in charge of Media Affairs at the Russian Senate, expressed hope that the Russian delegation’s visit will succeed in conveying the reality about Syria.

The Indian Delegation: Everything Is Normal in Damascus

The Indian delegation visiting Syria includes researchers, intellectuals, academics, journalists, political analysts and representatives of tourism and travel companies.

“My first impression was that everything is normal in Damascus and life is quite calm unlike what I used to see on some media, particularly the American news network whose reports were proved contrary to reality,” said Sima Mustafa, a member of the delegation.

Satich Jacab, producer at the Indian P7 news channel said he came to get to know what is truly happening in Syria because “I know that the news and reports being broadcast on some channels and media are opposite to the reality and fabricated by some sides.”

He likened some channels’ coverage of the events in Syria to that of the European correspondents in Baghdad during the U.S. invasion of Iraq. “I was in Baghdad…I saw how those correspondents wrote news reports which were completely in contradiction with the reality.”

Director of Diplomatic Agency for Tourism and Travel said that what he found on the first day of his visit is totally different from what he used to see in the reports of some media on several incidents which took place in Syria.

“I discovered that those media are exaggerating some of the events,” he added, noting that Syria is a new market for India and can be invested.

After touring the old city of Damascus and speaking to ordinary people in the streets, journalist Alia Alana from the Indian Express newspaper said “As a journalist I saw the situation is quite natural…I did not see anything abnormal…I don’t know why those media are trying to promote this wrong image of Syria.”

Patriarch Hazim: The Conspiracy Targets All the Syrians

The delegation members visited Patriarch Ignatius IV (Hazim) of Antioch and All The East and told him that what they saw on the ground is contrary to what the Western media is trying to promote on Syria.

They noted that India faced a pressure campaign similar to the one facing Syria now, but it reflected positively on India as it has pushed it to establish developed industries.

Patriarch Hazim said that Syria is facing a conspiracy that targets all the Syrians, stressing that President al-Assad is sparing no effort to bring the current crisis to an end.

Later, the delegation met Head of Damascus University, Mohammad Amer, and expressed readiness of the Indian scientific and research sectors to boost scientific relations with Syria particularly in the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology, IT and human resources development.

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