Syria reservation on naming Prime Minister of Qatar as head of Arab Ministerial Committee

AL decides to form committee tasked with establishing contacts with Syrian leadership, opposition to prepare for dialogue...Syria voices reservation on AL resolution Part and Parcel

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ambassador Youssef Ahmad on Sunday announced Syria’s reservation on the Arab League’s resolution part and parcel, including its wording and particularly naming Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister as head of the Arab Ministerial Committee.

Ambassador Ahmad said that there are substantial reasons and considerations related to the biased and negative role played by Qatar both in terms of politics and media towards the events in Syria which constitute escalation d instigation against Syria and distortion of the facts regarding what is actually happening in it.

He said that Syria has reservations over the resolution’s inclusion of an invitation to holding comprehensive dialogue at the Arab League headquarters, affirming that Syria is an independent and sovereign country led by a legitimate authority capable of running the country’s affairs and protecting its security and the safety of its citizens, and that any national dialogue can only be held in Syria with the participation of all social groups regardless of their affiliation with the presence of the Arab League according to comprehensive guarantees and mechanism that are agreed upon.

In this context, Ambassador Ahmad stressed that Syria’s Arab and regional position hasn’t and won’t change from being an element of security and stability, and that it cannot become introverted or abandon its stances and role in directing Arab common actions and defending Arab causes and rights.

The statement was made during the urgent Arab League Council meeting on the level of Foreign Ministers which was held at the request of the Gulf Cooperation Council to discuss the situation in Syria.

The meeting was concluded by forming a ministerial committee tasked with communicating with the Syrian leadership and opposition in preparation for holding a comprehensive national dialogue conference at the Arab League headquarters under its auspices within 15 days.

Earlier in the meeting, Ambassador Ahmad said in a speech that the security situation in Syria is leaning towards clam and stability, adding that this helps implement the laws, decrees and steps that bolster liberties and political, social, and economic reforms without external interference.

During his speech at an Arab League extraordinary meeting, the Ambassador pointed out that President Bashar al-Assad issued a presidential decision on forming a national committee to prepare a new draft constitution, and that the committee includes figures for their integrity and competence, representing all Syrian including the opposition.

Ambassador Ahmad added that Syria’s efforts to restore security and stability are still hindered by criminal activities of armed groups with known agendas, purposes and external connections.

He called for activating the recommendations set by the Arab League Secretary-General after his visit to Syria in September 10th in order to ensure that the League’s General Secretariat can inspect the reality of the events and the process of the reform program in addition to its participation in the sessions of national dialogue.

The Ambassador went on to note that over a month has passed since the Arab League issued a statement on developments in Syria to which Syria expressed reservations due to its negativity and some actions by some sides at the Arab League, stressing that these actions didn’t reflect a serious intent for reaching an agreement between the League and Syria to cooperate and help end the crisis, avoid bloodshed and prevent foreign interference.

He added that the Secretary-General’s report apparently didn’t suit some sides which sought to neutralize it, taking advantage of the negative neutrality and indifference prevailing in Arab League meetings towards the serious repercussions of developments in the region which eventually aim at ending the Arab-Israeli conflict at the expense of the nation’s interest and pressuring Palestinians to offer concessions, all of which will ultimately have repercussions on all Arabs.

Ambassador Ahmad pointed out to the statements of Oman’s Foreign Minister Yusuf Bin Alawai who affirmed his country’s commitment to Syria’s security and stability, underlining the importance of the announced reforms and voicing belief that the Syrians can resolve their problems on their own, adding that such a stance isn’t unusual from Oman or from any other Arab country that realizes that crises in one Arab country will affect all others.

He stressed that internal crises mustn’t become an opportunity for settling scores over arguments or differences in politics, nor must they become means to serve foreign agendas that pretend to protect Arab interests and security.

The Ambassador noted that in opposite to the Arab inert if not negative movement towards Syria, the most prominent development in the last month was the US-European movement at the UN Security Council to issue a resolution which aims at blockading and punishing Syria and creating appropriate conditions for foreign interference in Syria’s affairs.

“This movement was courageously confronted by Russia and China based on conviction that the resolution was based on the culture of confrontation and threats of imposing sanctions which target the Syrian people. That draft law ignored the acts committed by the armed terrorist groups which claimed, from September 13th to October 14th only, the lives of 160 army and law-enforcement personnel and left 850 others injured, a third of which suffering from permanent disabilities.” He elaborated.

He pointed out that the weapons found with terrorists included Israeli hand grenades and machineguns, and that these weapons were used by the armed opposition to kill the Syrian people, yet not a single Arab figure expressed condemnation of these acts.

He added “We, in Syria, thought that the criminal acts of these armed groups must elicit balanced reactions from Arabs and that they would condemn targeting the army, the public and private properties, and the civilian lives or at least the attacks perpetrated against the Syrian embassies, the last of which was the attack on the Syrian Embassy in Cairo yesterday, but regretfully the persons behind this criminal act are connected financially and logistically with sides in Arab states which we won’t name for now.”

He stressed that the Arab indifference towards the acts of violence committed by armed terrorist groups reflects a grave fact that the concepts of Arab common actions and some Arab policies are now governed by rules and considerations other than Arab common interest.

Ambassador Ahmad expressed Syria’s appreciation of the rational stance of Russia and China because it restored much balance, justice and credibility to the standards of international work in face of the brutal desire of some sides of the international community to make the Security Council a tool for interfering in the affairs of other countries, adding that Syria believes that the Arab League must shoulder its responsibilities and to act in accordance with the information that the Russian-Chinese stance is based upon along with the recommendations of the League’s Secretary-General.

“In this context, we don’t think that the Arab League’s mission is limited to issuing a negative and ineffective statement that doesn’t pose a true vision reflecting honest Arab will to preserve Syria’s security and stability, help it emerge from this crisis, confront attempts at foreign interference in its internal affairs, and encouraging all sides to engage in constructive national dialogue,” he said.

The Ambassador affirmed that Syria is confident in the Arabs ability to shoulder their responsibilities in Syria in accordance to article 8 of the Arab League charter which stipulates for respecting every country’s government and not taking actions to change it.

He also called for making serious efforts to stop the instigating, methodical media operation on the part of Arab media organizations operating under the cover of political and intellectual independence while they are in fact completely removed from professionalism, ethics, credibility and the Arab media code of honor.

Ambassador Ahmad said that those in a relevant position of authority are responsible for every drop of blood shed in Syria because of the rallying, instigation and propaganda undertaken by mass media against Syria and their intentional suppression of the civilian, army and police victim murdered by terrorist groups.

He went on to say that these channels continue to fabricate fake stories about dead people who are actually still alive and adopt any story even if it’s supported by a blurry composite 10-second video or unknown ghosts labeled as “eye witnesses” or “juridical activist” in order to weave lies about massacres committed by the army and security forces and besieging cities and towns, all of which aims at demonizing the authority in Syria at any cost with their ultimate goal being summoning any form of foreign interference in Syrian affairs.

“Naturally, this includes the cheap performance of channels broadcasting from Arab capitals and financed by sources which I believe are known to us and to all of you, wearing falsely the mantle of Islam and employing men claiming to possess knowledge and forgot the teachings of God that state that sedition is more grave than murder,” the Ambassador said, adding that these channels still attempt to sow discord and hatred among Syrians and sic Muslims against each other, affirming that Syria has a detailed and documented record of these channels’ performance and those who finance and support.

He pointed out to the strange and suspicious date for holding this meeting, hoping that it isn’t in any way related to the failure of the US-European movement against Syria in the Security Council, adding that Syria will remain positive and open to any honest and effective Arab effort aiming at resolving the crisis without foreign interference.

Ambassador Ahmad added “In this context, we officially resubmit the Syrian initiative concerning enhancing the issues of democracy, reforms and human rights in the Arab states… it includes issuing a resolution by the Arab League that contains a comprehensive Arab vision regarding democracy and reforms in the Arab states and benefiting from the expertise of all countries in the fields of freedom, democracy, human rights, party pluralism, ensuring the right to express and law of protests.

“We, in Syria, will continue the reform program announced by President Bashar al-Assad… we’ll continue meeting the public demands of our people, protecting their lives and properties, and defending Syria’s security and stability. We assure that we will not allow terrorism and extremism to undermine the independence of our national stances. We reiterate our appreciation for the stances of the friendly countries that realized the plot targeting Syria and rejected all forms of foreign intervention in the Syrian internal affairs.

“We call on the Arab League to follow the example of Russia and China in confronting the US-European efforts aiming at making the Security Council a tool for interfering in countries’ internal affairs and making the Arab League a tool for the US-Western agendas.” Ambassador Ahmad concluded.

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