What is happening in the real Syria?


The Syrian national state is continuing to pursue and dismantle the armed gangs and militias affiliated with the Syrian opposition movements and especially the Istanbul transitional council which announced once again its rejection of dialogue after its wagers on foreign military intervention in the country recently mounted.

The protests organized by the supporters of the Syrian opposition movements have retreated, despite the insistence of the forces activating the plan against Syria to establish a fictive media image revealing the existence of protests and demonstrations being deterred by the Syrian forces by use of arms. It is no longer possible to accept the claims saying that a popular rebellion and revolution is being organized by the opposition movements in Syria as it is no longer acceptable to see claims saying that a spontaneous popular uprising is sweeping Syria, considering that the European centers supporting the opposition movements and the Western intelligence apparatuses are in agreement over the fact that the number of the Friday demonstrators throughout Syria ranged between four thousand on “the international protection day” and twenty six thousands on the “transitional council day”.

This means that the Syrian opposition movements’ ability to mobilize the Syrian people against the Syrian authorities does not exceed 4,000 out of 23 million at the level of requesting foreign intervention and 26,000 out of 23 million at the level of the toppling of the regime.

Last Friday, the news reports tackling Syrian affairs focused on information talking about the fall of dead and wounded in the Homs province. The media outlets committed blunt falsification when they said that this outcome resulted from the security forces’ deterrence of the protests, although it has become known that Homs is witnessing mobile clashes between the Syrian army and the armed groups that are still carrying out kidnapping, killing and ambushes and barricading themselves in some towns, villages and a number of neighborhoods in the city of Homs. The Syrian state is dealing with this reality with extreme caution in order to protect the lives of the innocent civilians, and unlike the lies promoted by some oppositionists through known media outlets, the Syrian state did not use heavy artillery in the battles which have been ongoing there for months, while neither tanks nor military helicopters were used in the pursuits.

As for the Arab League whose delegation will visit the Syrian capital on Wednesday, it appeared to be –during its last meeting- governed by equations and balances that do not pave the way before the position through which the Arab governments that are dealing with the West wish to provide a cover for a military incursion carried out by NATO against Syria. And to whom it may concern, the Western capitals were informed by Iran, Damascus and the resistance forces about the existence of a list of strategic targets which will be hit in response to any decision to wage war on Syria, regardless of its source. This is now part of the calculations, in light of information saying that the American Administration informed more than one regional and international side that it was unable to find a way to enter Syria for reasons related to the regional situation and exceeding the political deterrence represented by the double Russian-Chinese veto.

The workshop of dialogue and reforms will constitute the content of the action inside of Syria. As for the foreign pressures that will not stop, they seem unable to achieve any breakthrough in light of the national immunity and the popular support enjoyed by the Syrian national state, its president and its army.      

Ghaleb Qindeel

About The Syrian Revolution 2011 - Lies and the Truth

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