Suspending Syria’s Arab League membership a mistake and a premeditated act

Lavrov: Suspending Syria’s Arab League membership a mistake and a premeditated act

Lavrov: Suspending Syria's Arab League membership a mistake and a premeditated act

MOSCOW- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow considers suspending Syria’s Arab League membership as a mistake and a premeditated act.

In statements to journalists on Monday, Lavrov added “Those who made that decision lost a very important opportunity to move the situation towards a more transparent course,” indicating that there are some sides who don’t want the Syrians to agree with each other.

He went on saying that the Western countries provoke the Syrian opposition to undermine Syria’s stability, expressing deep disappointment over the French and US stances regarding this issue.

Lavrov stressed that the extremist opposition members have been provoked to adopt an extremist path that aims at toppling the regime and rejects any calls for dialogue, indicating that the extremist gunmen exploit the peaceful demonstrations to provoke the Syrian authorities.

He also pointed to the continued weapons smuggling from Turkey, Iraq and other countries, asserting that these facts can’t be refuted and nobody has denied them.

Lavrov concluded by saying that he doesn’t believe that developments in Syria warrant the involvement of the International Criminal Court, voicing hope that those who can influence the Syrian opposition will assume full responsibility towards what is happening, adding that his country will do all that is possible to move in this direction.

Zerkalin: Dialogue is the only way out of crisis in Syria

Russia reiterated that dialogue is the only possible way out of the crisis in Syria, referring to the Syrian leadership’s readiness for this dialogue in light of the Arab League’s initiative.

“Russia sees dialogue as the only way to immediately stop violence, avoid chaos in Syria and the whole region,” Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation of Russia Vecheslav Zerkalin said at a press conference in Dubai on Sunday.

He added that Russia has adopted its stance regarding the events in Syria during the voting at the UN Security Council on the a draft resolution submitted by western countries that was based on the philosophy of escalating tension.

“Russia hopes situation in Syria would be stable… we offered a number of initiatives to achieve this goal and we will do our best to realize it,” Zerkalin said.

He stressed that Russia is determined to continue its military commitments according to many contracts signed with Syria, adding “There are no international restrictions that ban sending weapons to Syria.”

Russian Academic Figure: AL Shamed Itself in Standing against Syria

For his part, Head of the Geopolitical Sciences Academy in Russia General Leonid Ivashov on Sunday said that the Arab League shamed itself in standing against Syria.

He told SANA correspondent in Moscow that Syria has agreed to the AL initiative despite the fact that parts of its content interfere in Syria’s internal affairs.

He added that the AL decision is an implementation of certain powers’ will.

He pointed out that the seriousness of President Bashar al-Assad in making deep reforms doesn’t suit the western schemes, which is why they exert every efforts to thwart dialogue and reforms.

General Ivashov stressed that the opposition, which is receiving money and advanced weapons from foreign intelligence agencies, is not prepared for dialogue and has other missions manifested in undermining Syria’s stability.

He indicated that Russia supports the rights of the Syrian people in their independent choices in building and developing their country.

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